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Our Mission:  Building Trust…On every level.


Our Vision:  To be known as “The” construction company in the Charlottesville area, and neighboring counties; that delivers the highest quality product and unparalleled customer service.


Our Values: At Young & Rannigan, it is our belief that a relationship based on trust is essential.  Especially when dealing with, quite possibly, your most significant asset.


When choosing a contractor, we believe Trust should be the number-one factor.


     -Trust that you can feel comfortable with the employees and subcontractors Young & Rannigan has in YOUR                  home and around YOUR family.


     -Trust that you will be guided toward products and decisions that will keep you on schedule and on budget.


     -Trust that we possess the knowledge and experience needed to sync budget parameters with cost realities.


     -Trust that you will receive the results you desire, not only at the completion of the project, but at every                     step along the way. 


With Young & Rannigan, you have our committment to establish and nurture this Trust. 


Please, DO NOT take our word for it.  We strongly encourage you to review our extensive list of references, and contact any or all of our clients…and take THEIR word.


All of our clients are current clients.  It is the continuation of the relationship that started during the initial meeting, carried on through the building process, and is now current in the form of a reference or a referral.


Our craftsmanship,  our relationships with our clients,  speak  for  us.



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