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The following is an outline of the “ideal scenario” of the building process:


1.  Client makes initial contact with Young & Rannigan.


2.  Client and Y & R schedule a meeting.


3.  Client and Y & R  meet

       a.  The client lays out their ideas for the project and provides Y & R with any plans or sketches.  

       b.  Y & R  provides client with letter of introduction and a list of references.

       c.  Y&R provides an idea of the price of the project; based on square footage.

       d.  Client shares budget with Y & R . 

       e.  If square foot pricing appears to be attainable, Y & R agrees to provide a preliminary budget within two                        weeks of initial meeting.


4.  Y & R provides preliminary budget for review and discussion of primary cost centers.


5.  Assuming the preliminary budget is within reach, the client hires Y & R.


6.  Y & R collaborates with architect or designer, chosen by the client, to plan a project that fits into the clients                budgetary and design requirements.  Once these requirements are met, the project can move forward. 


7.  Once a price is agreed upon, a contract is drawn up.


8.  After the contract has been signed, Permits are applied for.


9.  Upon issuance of Building Permit, site work will commence.


10.  All special order materials related to the early stages of construction are confirmed, and orders are placed.  


11.  During the course of construction, regular site meetings with the client and design professional are held to                 review progress.


12.  Project is completed and a certificate of occupancy is issued by County or City officials. 

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